Board Members

President – Joseph Schumaker
Immediate Past President – Karin Cogbill
Vice President – Jacob Caputo
Treasurer – Dean Romeo
Secretary – Andrea Perdichizzi

  • Vince Lima
  • John Herschbach
  • Erik Fong
  • Dawn Beers O’Brien
  • Jeanne Serpa
  • Jason Vasquez
  • Machelle Locsin
  • DeAnna Pursai
  • Hanh Nguyen
  • Martie Degutis
  • Joe Horwedel
  • Meryl McVicker
  • Greg Korbel

Jason Minsky

Jason Minsky has been involved with the San Jose community since 1993 when he was working in the Community Development department for the San Jose Sharks. Originally from South San Francisco, Minsky is a graduate of San Francisco State University and attended Serra High School in San Mateo. Having previously served on the Board of Directors for Christmas in the Park, he became the non-profit’s first Executive Director in 2012. Prior to that he served as a Vice President for the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce and was Chairman for the Silicon Valley Invitational and Courageous Kids Programs for the American Cancer Society. Jason is married and has a teenage daughter.

Jason is a member of the San Jose Rotary Club where he not only chairs their annual gala, but is also involved in the Enterprise Leadership Program which teaches high school juniors about business. Jason is also currently enrolled in the Center for Excellence (CEN) in Nonprofits Leaders Institute.

Little Known Fact: Jason has previously performed as the San Jose Sharks (1993-1998) and San Francisco 49ers (1993, 2006-2010) mascot characters S.J. Sharkie and Sourdough Sam.

  • Don Lima
  • Dick Barrett
  • Rev. Phil Barrett
  • Victor Corsiglia
  • Herbert Crawford
  • Tom McEnery
  • Kay Concannon
  • Dr. John DeHeras
  • Mike Fowler
  • Mary Ellen George
  • Ron James
  • Joe Cardinalli
  • Mary Lima
  • Kay Linquist
  • Chester W. Mason
  • Jack Mieuli
  • Pat O’Brian
  • Vern Cristina
  • Tara O’Leary Hudson
  • Larry Otter
  • Jan Passmore
  • Bruce Pohle
  • Maggie Wisinski
  • Inge Miscoll
  • Kay M. Bell
  • Dan Caputo
  • Kay Linquist
  • Bruce Pohle
  • John Popovich
  • Peggy Snell
  • Joe Cardinalli
  • Phil Ringenberg