Tree Program – All Trees Now On Sale

Each year Christmas In The Park allows community groups, schools and businesses to purchase Christmas Trees in our park. The tree’s truly “light up” our event and play an important role in attracting the community to our event.

There are four different types of trees available.

- Community Trees are 4-5 foot Christmas trees that are perfect for schools, non-profits, community groups and other worthy organizations that play an important part in creating a sense of community. Community trees sell for $30.

- Elves Club trees are a 7-8 foot version of the Community tree and sell for $75.

- High Schools compete in a decorating contest by creating a fun and creative concept to showcase for our event attendees. High School trees are 7-8 feet trees and sell for $30.

- Sponsor Trees are a great way for businesses to advertise to the more than 500,000 attendees at Christmas in the Park. Sponsor trees are 7-8 feet trees and sell for $500.

Tree decorating days will be on November 25 and 26 with removal on January 2. More information will be sent out later this year. Payment is only accepted online through PayPal. Sorry, no checks or cash orders accepted. Credit Card orders can be processed by using PayPal as well.

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Tree Types* : Sponsor Tree - 500.00 USD
Community Trees - 30.00 USD
Elves Club Trees - 75.00 USD
High School Trees - 30.00 USD


Archbishop Mitty 2013 High School Tree Contest 1st Place

Archbishop Mitty High School 2013  1st Place

Lincoln High School 2013 High School Contest Runner-Up

Lincoln High School 2013 2nd Place