Volunteer Sign-Ups

Want to stay off of Santa’s Naughty List and guarantee yourself on Santa’s Good List? Here’s the perfect way!

Volunteering with Christmas in the Park is more than just putting up trees and decorations, but being a part of a strong, community tradition. Christmas in the Park is made possible each year by overwhelming community support. Over 257,000 volunteer hours are required each year to put on this holiday event, so we can’t do it without you!

With leadership from the Board of Directors and Christmas in the Park staff plus support from our partners, we are able to recruit volunteers. You don’t have to be on Santa’s good list to help out. Anyone and everyone from any age are able to participate!

We need adults to help supervise and kids to be supervised, so gather your friends and family and be a part of this magical tradition!

There are some rules when it comes to volunteering. Here are the basics

Possible Volunteer Duties

All signups can be completed online and do not require any paperwork to be mailed in.

Corporate Volunteer Programs

If your corporation is looking for a team building exercise or a community service project, please send an email to jason@christmasinthepark.com. He’ll be able to provide you with some ideas or projects that will fit your needs.

How to sign up:

Volunteer Opportunities are now available to sign up for! Please read the instructions below to learn more:

Should you have any questions regarding the volunteer opportunities please contact us at info@christmasinthepark.com