We will open for 2024 Season on Friday, November 29!

Candy Cane Lumber Mill

Years ago, the generosity of Bruce Pohl and Southern Lumber Company allowed us to build the Candy Cane Lumber Mill and Shipping Depot. Few people know that the forklift driver was a “tip of the hat” to Southern Lumber’s longest tenured employee, Luis Nunes. Luis was “Commander of the Yard” and could always be seen on the yellow forklift, shuttling building materials around the facility. Luis Nunes worked for all four generations of the Pohle family and infused Southern Lumber with his Portuguese heritage and family members that immigrated from the Azores. Christmas in the Park is honored to keep the Southern Lumber Company legacy alive with these displays.

In the North Pole, candy canes are a valuable resource and the elves at the Southern Lumber Mill are hard at work making good use of them. Using a variety of tools and heavy machinery such as saws, lathes, and forklifts, the elves prepare a variety of holiday goods from the freshly cut candy canes. The heart of the sawmill is the large realistic belt-driven saw featured centrally in the display.

Year Built: 1996