We will open for 2024 Season on Friday, November 29!

Jingle Bell Stage Schedule

General Information

The Jingle Bell stage is an opportunity for different acts from all over the San Jose Bay Area to perform for the community.
Bands, dance troops, martial arts groups, and singers of all kinds are encouraged to make a reservation and share their talents with the community.

  • Each time slot is $100
  • Each time slot is 50 min and starts on the hour, including set up and take down time
  • There is a backstage green room area for all performers to share
  • The stage is 18ft x 24ft.
  • Be sure to include your audio needs on the form, we can accommodate most audio connections.
  • Thank you for limiting your requests to a total of two performances. (strictly enforced)

How do I sign up?

Registration begins September 1 2024

We appreciate our Jingle Bell Stage sponsor