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Santa Claus Railroad

The original train was part of the Lima Family display from the 1950’s. The tracks were built from the tracks from the old apricot orchard cart tracks in the valley. It would take a couple of men four days to build the tracks and get it running. In 1996 the train was redesigned by Tom Trafton with a new engine and modern cars were added. The power engine was changed in 2005 to a more efficient, quieter, diesel engine from the gas generator used for many years prior. The Santa Claus Railroad was a hand-crafted train that ran freely on an oval track. It carried candy canes and presents as it rumbled beneath the snow mountain, under the Santa Claus Crossing covered bridge, past the North Pole Station, around the fountain turn, in front of the Candy Cane Lumber Mill and stopping in front of the Candy Cane Shipping Depot to take on more cargo and water for the boilers. Unfortunately, the Santa Claus Railroad has not ran in many years.